Three New Interviews: The Believer, Tin House, and Hobart

Believer_logo_octMatt Bell, most patient of interviewers (and for many years now, my good friend and one of my best and most helpful readers), engaged me with questions for several days, about Praying Drunk, and about many other things, too: Haiti, fundamentalism, John Cheever, work, ecstatic fantasies about heaven, plenty more. The result is a very comprehensive interview, and I’m proud that The Believer hosted it. Here is the link: “To Rage Against Meaninglessness: An Interview with Kyle Minor.”


Another longtime literary friend, Andrew Ervin, author of Extraordinary Renditions, provoked a conversation about how sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell, and so on. There’s also a picture of our poorly attended sock-puppet production of Sartre’s No Exit mashed up with Rocky IV“A Correction of the Untruths I Was Told as a Child About How the World Works: An Interview with Kyle Minor.”


One more newly published conversation with a friend, Douglas Watson, author of The Era of Not Quite, who has for ten years served as my first reader for everything important, before I send it into the world. We talked almost a year ago, and it’s interesting to see how time has worked on the book. I very much enjoyed this conversation: “An Interview with Kyle Minor.”

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