Mission Creek Music Festival, etc.

Worldwide hero Kristen Radtke sent this picture from my Mission Creek Music Festival reading at the Clinton Street Social Club in Iowa City last Friday night, which was sponsored by Jim Beam, believe it or not. Maybe the free-flowing whiskey had something to do with the warm reception from a sweet-natured crowd I’d happily take with me to every reading in every city in the country if I could.

521604_10100372336851247_928343805_nI also won the fun times lottery when the poet Henry Finch invited me to join the Fig Wellingtons, a collective of writer-musicians hailing from New York, Iowa City, Mumbai, and all points in-between. The lineup the evening this picture was taken: (clockwise from lower left) Kyle Minor (guitar & vocals), Devika Rege (drums & percussion), Ben Shattuck (banjo), Henry Finch (upright bass & vocals),  Thessaly La Force (viola), Daniel Cesca (guitar & vocals), Wells Tower (guitar & vocals), Anna Noyes (guitar, spoons, & vocals), and Kiley McLaughlin (mandolin).

You can only see the side of my face in the lower left-hand corner of this photograph, but if you’re like me, you’d rather see all those other handsome faces, anyway. I left feeling fondly toward everyone, and wanting to make more music.


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