I’ve posted selections from three years’ worth of my writer’s notebook (click here to see them) — 50,000 words of interviews, links, mini-essays, thoughts about the craft and the art of literature-making.

I’ve had an ongoing need to continue my education as a reader and a writer, and this is how I’ve been doing it, day by day. A lot of these were originally posted as Facebook notes or HTMLGiant. Some have been living in a stack of index cards on my work desk. There are another 50,000 words I didn’t post, because I didn’t think they were as interesting or useful. I’m mostly at the end of doing this kind of thing every day, for now, but it was tremendously helpful and generative while it lasted.

2 thoughts on “Sketchbook

  1. Having just discovered your amazing site I am not prepared to say very much, but I have to say something, anything, because I’m so thoroughly enjoying each little piece of cake like a child hiding in the pantry with last night’s dessert. And like a child, I don’t exactly want to share this. I want it all for myself. But I will do the right thing and offer it up to my fellow Stonecoast students. Many thanks to Erika Dreyfus, who pointed the way. Excellent site.

  2. dig this…I wish I had more patience to write passages down as I read (tried tweeting sentences that moved me to keep an archive, but not the same) Look forward to reading, thank you ~

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