Ninth Letter Serialization of “In a Distant Country”

Untitled, oil on canvas, Frankentiénne For the last six weeks, Ninth Letter serialized my long epistolary story “In a Distant Country,” in six parts, putting up a new section once a week, as part of their Featured Writer series. The story is a companion piece to my novel-in-progress The Sexual Lives of Missionaries. It takes theContinue reading “Ninth Letter Serialization of “In a Distant Country””

Praise for In The Devil’s Territory

“In the Devil’s Territory is a brilliant and electrifying debut from one of America’s best young writers. Filled with grace and wisdom, Kyle Minor’s bold, compassionate stories burn deep into the eternal mysteries and violent truths of the human experience with the force of a welding torch cranked to the max. I would walk throughContinue reading “Praise for In The Devil’s Territory”