Praying Drunk, Etc. (Quick Links)


bio & headshot:

praying drunk zero dollar tour dates:

praying drunk review compendium in pdf:



tumblr: (not very active)

get a copy of praying drunk at: indieboundamazonbarnes & noblepowells, or target.

read a review of praying drunk at: boston globelos angeles timeselectric literaturekirkus reviewsminneapolis-st paul star-tribune.

read an excerpt of my novel-in-progress the sexual lives of missionaries.

read an interview about praying drunk at: the believertin househobartfiction writers review, buzzfeed.

read a transcript from q&a w/ jason diamond at community bookstore in brooklyn. part one. part two.

read other recent short pieces at: the atlantic (on alice munro)esquire (on election day in iowa), salon (on alice munro)the new york times book review (on d.w. wilson).

check out this downloadable jpg rumpus horn review of praying drunk:


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