May News: Story on Kindle, I Love Louisville, A Couple of Interviews

Reading from my novel-in-progress The Sexual Lives of Missionaries, at the Museum 21c Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky.

April has been good to me. I’ve spent most of the month plugging away at the novel, which is very, very close to being done, and an excerpt will appear in Guernica Magazine later this summer. I gave the first ten pages at test-run in Denton, Texas, at the University of North Texas’s literary festival, and in Louisville, Kentucky, in the Sarabande Reading Series at the 21c Museum Hotel. It was warmly received both places, which felt good and validating, as you might imagine.

The Truth and All Its Ugly,” a short story, is now available for download on the Amazon Kindle, for $1.99. In the Devil’s Territory, my 2008 full-length collection, is now available as an eBook through the publisher, although it’s not yet in the Kindle Store. Amazon’s promotional copy for “The Truth and All Its Ugly” goes like so: A father, a son, a suicide, a pink piano, an axe, a robot, yellowjackets affixed to the eyes of Precious Moments figurines, and the news about how ‘dead trees got not one thing on milkweed and sumac, horsemint and sweet William.’ A tour-de-force at story length from Kyle Minor, award-winning author of In the Devil’s Territory. Available exclusively on the Kindle.

A few good people interviewed me the last few months:

1. I talked with Shawn Vestal, at Bark, the blog associated with the literary journal Willow Springs, about Barry Hannah, writing on the Internet, and revising my novel.

2. Charles Dodd White asked me about In the Devil’s Territory, the long short story, and HTMLGiant.

3. The good people at the Used Furniture Review asked super-smart questions, and I answered with news about “the drumbeat of that want.”

4. Erin Keane at the Louisville Courier-Journal wrote a lovely piece about The Sexual Lives of Missionaries and what it’s like to be in the process of finishing a first novel.

Also, the good people at Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast are offering a free MP3 audiobook download of “The Truth and All Its Ugly” here:

What’s next? I’m not doing anything in the month of May except revising my novel, playing with kids, and playing the Wurlitzer in my living room. I’m hoping by time I check in again in June or July that I’ll have some big news about the novel. See you then!

2 thoughts on “May News: Story on Kindle, I Love Louisville, A Couple of Interviews

  1. Kyle you and Aaron killed it! What you’re writing is one powerhouse of a novel. It was great to finally meet you and drink all the coffee 21c had to offer. Really looking forward to hanging out again.

  2. Kyle, you’re awesome man, I look forward to reading all of your interviews and keeping up with your career, thanks for Gotham, you were/are a great writing teacher. I will never forget you.


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